The Hidden Shadows Pack

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1: Never cross the border unless you have permission. 

2: Do not disrespect any leads or higher rankings 

3: Do your best to not pick a fight with a rival ON THE RIGHT Side of the border. 

4: Adress Akira and Rein with the proper respect and never be rude to them. 

5: Apprentices may leave camp during the day, but may not get close to the border or leave at night. 

6: Pups are strictly forbidden from ever leaving camp alone. 

7: God Modding is strictly forbidden. You will get two warnings before a mod of the pack whispers you. (See Below.)

8: Having pups is allowed, but as we may have younger users and most of us don't want to hear a rp along this line, please do it in whipser or switch to the valley. Better yet just don't.

9: Dramatic Pasts. All pasts that have to do with death, murder, or abuse must be whispered to Reyna HSA (wolfgirl87) Before posted as their past. (See Forums>General Discussion>Before I Joined The Hidden Shadows Pack...) 

10: You may have two wolves in the packs, no more. The amount of loners is not restricted, but if you have over ten rogues and use five or six of them we will ask you to get rid of some.

11: You must have your rank, level, username, element and or curse in your about me

12: Your wolf may not be allowed to level up twice in six feral-heart days.

 God Modding is when someone's character has the ability to do anything without any limits or boundaries. God Modding includes injuring another wolf without whispering them first to make sure they will not mind their wolf being injured. Another example of god modding is when a wolf seems to be able to control the other wolf's actions and or words. {Elements like this are banned.}

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See  ^  this link for more information on God Modding.


This information is for all loners that may live in the map. We allow loners in the map, but they still must join one of the three packs groups. If you plan upon joining a certain pack, then join that group and add L to the end of your name. 
1: Must Join A Group
2: Never get close to a camp unless your wolf is desperate for food or has a death wish. 
3: Before crossing territories ask the highest rank online if it is alright, and a good time. As most packs rp in local for camp, you will not be sure if they already have something happening or to see if they're rping at all. 
4: Hunting... No most wolves will not be able to kill a elk or deer on their own. So, loners you may not catch a elk or deer that is not injured. If you do attack a elder or a injured elk be sure that it takes over three posts to do so on your own. 


1. Element cannot be Shape Shifting of any sort.
2. As easy as it is to power play with elements and/or curse please try your best not to do so!
3. Curses must be given, you may not make your own.
4. Every Saturday night all packs and loners/rouges must meet at the Sacred crystal Tears waterfall located by RivermoonPack for a meeting(Gathering).
5. Elements may not be duplicate, if you wish to have the same power it must be a different color like green fire, blue fire, white fire , etc.
6. Only two wolves in the map at a time, unless you are a Alpha or you have asked your pack's Alpha.